Ten things you didn’t know about Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Think you know everything there is to know about our favourite cinematic heroine and history’s most stylish film? Bet your alligator pumps you don’t….
  1. In his novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote described Holly Golightly not as a prostitute or gold digger, but an American geisha girl. The film adaptation downplayed any suggestion of prostitution, with Paramount publicists issuing statements like “The star is Audrey Hepburn, not Tawdry Hepburn.”
  2. Capote once claimed the real Holly lived downstairs from him in his Brooklyn terrace house in the early1940s. He never revealed her identify her by name.
  3. Capote originally envisioned his friend Marilyn Monroe as Holly Golightly, however her acting coach Paula Strasberg, talked her out of if, concerned that the role of a prostitute (no matter how chic) would tarnish her image.
  4. Both Capote and Hepburn thought she was wrong for the role. It was director Blake Edwards who persuaded both she was the perfect Holly Golightly.
  5. Edwards’ widow, actress Julie Andrews  said the director always claimed he shot the opening scene, in which a taxi drives down 5th Avenue at dawn and drops Holly at Tiffany’s, was shot in just one take.
  6. Audrey Hepburn had a strong dislike of Danish pastry.
  7. Holly’s jailbird friend, Sally Tomato was played by actor Alan Reed, who was also the voice of Fred Flintstone.
  8. The film reportedly cost $2.5 million to make. Hepburn earned $750,000 making her one of the highest-paid actresses of the era.
  9. According to Andrews, the extras playing Holly’s party guests were all friends and family of Edwards. They consumed real champagne, 120 gallons of soft drinks, vast amounts of finger food and smoked sixty cartons of cigarettes. When that didn’t generate enough smoke Edwards, he brought in a beekeeper’s smoker for extra effect.
  10. At the party, Hepburn is wearing a cocktail dress that looks like a Lanvin-esque toga dress made from a towel. Originally, she was taking a bath when the party begins and is forced to improvise a frock with her bath towel. The scene was cut from the final release.