GUEST BLOG: The Style Trust & our fave fashion films of all time

Perth super-bloggers Nic and Bev from The Style Trustgive us their all-time favourite, must-watch Fash Films for sublime sartorial inspiration.- the perfect anecdote for a 40°C Sunday. Thank you girls.

Nic's TOP 5

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985) This is one of my all time favourite movies and it's still great today. Love the awesome 80s fashion, the music and two besties looking out for each other. It was when most of us all fell in love with SJP and Helen Hunt and wanted to dance all night with the hot guy riding the motorbike...

Bridesmaids (2011):  Anyone who doesn’t wet their pants laughing at this movie is made-of-stone. Seriously for the chuck-chuck factor alone, this movie is a winner. It's also chock full of my fave lady comedians... funnnn-eee. 

Pretty Woman (1990): A modern day fairytale and proof that Richard Gere has always been a hot silver fox. Who doesn’t want to be swept off their feet by a guy, who buys you a polka dot ensemble and takes you to the polo?

Thelma & Louise (1991): A movie full of classic one-liners... “You've always been crazy, this is just the first chance you've had to express yourself”.   Plus a young Brad Pitt with his kit off and a cowboy hat doesn’t hurt either. 

Crazy, Stupid Love (2011): This was the movie that made me look at Ryan Gosling in a different way. Like bawww chikka baw baaaaawwwww. I know I was behind The Notebook eight ball, but better late than never. There is also nothing not-funny about funny-man Steve Carrell. I love him. 


Bev's TOP 5

High Society (1956): In the last movie she made before joining royalty, Grace Kelly wears an array of amazing gowns and swimsuits and is serenaded by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.  There is nothing not to love about this movie and all its 1956 fabulousness.

Top Gun (1996): Who didn't want to go right into the Danger Zone and buy themselves a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators after seeing Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis rock them in this movie? Also, pencil skirts and man shirts, LOVE, love love. 

The Great Gatsby (1974): It's hard to go past the 2013 Baz Luhrmann, Leonardo DiCaprio version with its Catherine Martin designed wardrobe. We also love the elegant simplicity of the 1974 version with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford.

Sex and the City (2008): The girls on the big screen, so much fabulous fashion on Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, it's hard to know where to look. If we had to choose one special dress from this movie, it would be Carrie's Vivienne Westwood wedding dress...Please tell us it's true that SATC 3 is coming!!

The Devil Wears Prada (2006): The beautiful fashion and Meryl Streep as a snitchy magazine editor tearing strips off her interns. From Anne Hathaway's ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation, to Emily Blunt's performance as the hoighty-toighty assistant, this movie is priceless!